Providing new hope to families facing the
debilitating aspects of lysosomal storage diseases.
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    “Nature is nowhere accustomed more openly to display her secret mysteries than in
    cases where she shows traces of her workings apart from the beaten path; nor is there
    any better way to advance the proper practice of medicine than to give our minds to the
    discovery of the usual law of Nature by careful investigation of cases of rarer forms of
           From a letter written by William Harvey in 1657

Grant Proposal Process

Call for Proposals:
The New Hope Research Foundation is requesting proposals for pre-clinical or clinical research
projects that will be beneficial in achieving its
mission and charter.  Preference will initially be given to
proposals directly related to finding cures for GM2 gangliosidosis, but as funding permits, will also be
extended to related lysosomal storage diseases affecting the central nervous system.  Proposals will
be evaluated based on the alignment with the
research master plan and the potential to accelerate
the advancement of a genetic cure.  Funding would generally be in the range of $10,000 to $40,000
for one year, inclusive of indirect costs not to exceed 10%.  Funding will not be granted in cases
where intellectual property will be exclusively retained by the individual or organization conducting the
and where the intellectual property might later lead to restricting or delaying the therapy
availability or might cause economic hardship to patients wishing to receive the therapy.  

Application Guidelines:
  • Executive Summary: (1 page) major objectives and impact of research.

  • Detailed Research or Clinical Plan: (up to 5 pages) design of research; process for collecting
    and analyzing data; potential risks and their management; top level one-year schedule of
    research including defining milestones, which will be reported in one interim report to
    demonstrate progress relative to budget.

  • Detailed Budget: (1 page) To be linked to the top-level one-year schedule as described
    above. The first half-payment (50%) will occur at inception of project. A second quarter-
    payment (25%) will occur upon completion of the interim six-month progress and budget
    report, and the final quarter-payment (25%) will occur upon completion of a final report. No
    more than 10% of the project's budget can go toward indirect expenses.

  • Curriculum Vitae: (2-3 page NIH bio-sketch format) with emphasis on related experience. Also
    include a list of other personnel expected to be involved with the research project and a brief
    description of their experience.

  • Facility description: (1 page) An outline of the facility or laboratory in which research will take
    place with a listing of existing equipment applicable to project.

  • Other sources of financial and collaborative support: (1 page) This should include support
    already received and/or applied for.

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