The New Hope Research Foundation is a non-profit
organization dedicated to finding a genetic cure for
GM2 gangliosidosis and other lysosomal storage
diseases that affect the central nervous system.  
Providing new hope to families facing the
debilitating aspects of lysosomal storage diseases.
The New Hope Research Foundation was established as a non-profit organization in 2006 to
support scientific research and clinical studies needed to help patients neurologically
ffected by lysosomal storage diseases.  As the initial area of focus, the foundation is
conducting and coordinating gene therapy researc
h that might lead to a cure for the
hexosaminidase A enzyme deficiency that causes GM2 gangliosidosis, more commonly called
Tay-Sachs Disease.   Great strides have been made in the scientific understanding of this
disease and related gene therapies, but finding a cure will still require extensive scientific
research.   The New Hope Research Foundation supports this advanced research and has a
mission and charter to translate this knowledge into clinical studies and to make effective
therapy available to patients.

This web-site is for scientists, physicians conducting research, and others interested in
scientific research to find cures for neurological aspects of lysosomal storage diseases.  The
site is intended to:

  • Provide updates on recent research activities being funded by the foundation, and

  • List critical areas for additional medical and scientific research and request research
    proposals be submitted for funding consideration.

The foundation welcomes comments and recommendations; please do not hesitate to
contact us.  
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